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The dead walk!

by wfgodbold

On AMC starting 5 minutes ago.  From the teaser before the title and opening credits, it looks like the zombies are going to be of the fast variety and not shambling.

Spoilers after the jump!

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Test drive complete!

by wfgodbold

And the 9mm slide functions almost flawlessly!

I had a couple of stovepipes with the Tula ammo I was using, but the WWB worked without issue.  In ten magazines worth of shooting (150 rounds, 50 Tula and 100 WWB), I think I had about 4 instances where the slide failed to hold back after the last round.

After reading online, that’s probably caused by either a weak magazine spring or a bunch of crap around the slide release lever.  I’ll clean it and get some new magazines before taking it out again, and that should clear up what’s causing the problems.

The gun shoots better than I do, but I still got ~2/3 of the shots on the 4″ targets at 10 yards (and the misses were only off the target by an inch or two), so that’s more than acceptable for defense.

Shooting 5500 rounds of .22 through the P226 really helped my accuracy, though; I’m far more accurate with the 9 mm that I just got than I am with the .380 I’ve had for 8 months.


Thanks, Sig Sauer!

by wfgodbold

My P226 centerfire exchange kit arrived today, 4-8 weeks ahead of when I expected it!

P226 9mm slide and magazine

I’ll have to order some more magazines, and after getting used to it, a holster and mag carrier from Comp-Tac.

Tomorrow I’ll pick up a box or two of ammo at Walmart, and then head to the range!

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Japete is Humpty Dumpty!

by wfgodbold

Japete (Brady Board member and anti-gunner (see more examples of her idiocy at Linoge’s (H/T Joe Huffman))) is quite the wordsmith.

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

Robb Allen points out that “something that happens” is not the same thing as “legal,” but I doubt it will make an impression on her; certain segments of the population talk past each other on many issues (not just gun rights) because of using words in different ways (Kevin talks on this a lot, but I can’t find the particular post I’m looking for right now).

The most striking example, I think, is the word fair; either a process can be fair, or the outcome can be ‘fair.’  If the outcome is ‘fair,’ then everyone gets the same thing no matter what they put in; if the process is fair, then it treats everyone the same.  The rich are not proof that the system is unfair simply because they are rich when many are poor.  The process itself isn’t as fair as it could be (mainly because of lobbying by businesses to create barriers to entry), but it could be far worse.

Meanings do change over time; literally now literally means figuratively (in spoken English, anyway).  This isn’t the same thing, though; you can’t be Humpty Dumpty and make up your own damn meanings and expect people to go along with it (though you can make up your own words; Japete’s use of the word legal was not cromulent at all).


Tolerance and intolerance

by wfgodbold

David Harsanyi makes some good points (H/T Instapundit).

We’ve come a long way from, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it;” it’s much easier to just say, “Shut up.”

You said something that offends me?  Shut up.

You said something I disagree with?  Shut up.

You have a different opinion from everyone else?  Shut up.

You can make arguments to back up your position?  You’re a racist and a bigot and just SHUT UP!


What can I say about Juan Williams’s firing

by wfgodbold

That hasn’t already been said?

The sooner political correctness goes the way of the dodo, the better.


I have a new desk!

by wfgodbold

And it only cost me $220 after tax at Office Depot, and an hour or so to put together.

Where it all happens (when it's not all happening at Starbucks)!

It’s not a great picture; my only camera is my iPhone (and it’s a plain old 3G iPhone, at that), so all my photos are less than spectacular.  My previous “desk” was a $30 table from Walmart, and it was roughly the size of right side of the new desk.  It was hard to fit everything on there (and it’s no surprise that I knocked the laptop off; its position was precarious).

I do like the increase in real estate; having a pull out drawer for the keyboard and mouse for the dekstop really frees up a lot of space.

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Adventures in gun cleaning

by wfgodbold

I started in on finally cleaning my P226 Classic 22, and while the gun is easy to disassemble (and reassemble, for that matter), the bottle of cleaning solvent I knocked over and spilled all over the table is harder to rebottle.  I cleaned up the spill as best I could and put the gun back together; I’ll finish cleaning it after buying some more solvent.  Next time I’ll be sure to have plenty of room to spread out the gun parts and cleaning implements.

I did get the return receipt back from Sig Sauer; when I sent in the coupon for the 9mm caliber exchange kit for the P226 a couple weeks back, I sent it return receipt requested.  The coupon said it should take 8-12 weeks to get the kit, so worst case I’ll be able to switch my P226 from .22 to 9mm by the end of the year.

I’ll be more comfortable carrying the P226 than the Bersa .380, I think; mostly because I shoot the Sig better (the sights on the Bersa are small, as is the sight radius).  I’ve also shot the Sig easily ten times as much; cheap ammo is a wonderful thing, and .380 is nothing if not expensive.


I’ll be seeing this tomorrow

by wfgodbold

Cause after spending all day in the car driving, I wasn’t too keen on sitting in a theater for 2 hours to watch RED.

It looks like a good time, and the actors are all top notch, so I expect its 70% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes is well deserved.

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I’ve found my next laptop

by wfgodbold

Whenever I finally get around to needing a new one, that is.  Given my propensity for breaking things, after I saw someone using one of these, my mind was made up.

I mean, any laptop that can withstand a six foot drop should surely be able to withstand my clumsiness.

Though between getting the screen replaced in June and the motherboard replaced a few months before that, I might end up needing a Toughbook far sooner than I anticipate.  I shall endeavor to keep it in one piece for the foreseeable future.

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