Tales of Graces F demo impressions

by wfgodbold

I liked it!  The battle system is similar enough to the traditional Tales of battle systems that it was easy to pick up and play, and different enough that I had problems doing big combos (a combination of not being familiar with the characters and their moves, and skipping through the instructions/tutorials as fast as possible to get back to gameplay).  When playing through the actual game it shouldn’t be an issue, since Tales games generally introduce you to new battle elements gradually throughout the game instead of throwing them all at you at once right at the start.

The character designs aren’t as annoying as I’d feared; the last Tales game I played with designs in this style was Tales of Eternia (the PSP port).  Sakuraba’s music is typical as always; it will take playing through the game to figure out if the soundtrack is any good, or just mediocre.

If you’re interested in trying out the demo yourself, follow the directions here (you don’t need a points card; the demo is free), and go into the PlayStation store once your account is set up.

I’ll go into the store later and replace this with directions for downloading the demo itself; I’m not near my PS3 and I don’t remember exactly what menu I went through to download it (it’s not up on the intro splash screen yet, you actually have to look for it).

Stay tuned!

Okay, once you’ve entered the PlayStation Store, choose the third option down (タイトル名でさがす).  Then choose the second from the right (た) and the second from the right again (て).  Once the list of games has loaded, the Tales of Graces F demo is (for now, until they add more games into this section of the list) in the third row and second from the left.  The Tales of Graces F cover art has the title in English on it, and is labeled テイルズオブグレイセス エフ(体験版).  Once you’ve selected that, choose the orange button marked ダウンロード (and again on the next screen).

Once that’s done, it will start downloading immediately.  You can either watch the progress bar or let it download in the background while you do other stuff; however, if you change users (to access the US PlayStation Store, for example), the download will be paused until you switch back and resume it.  Once the download is complete, the demo will install and will be listed under the Game tab in the Xross bar (what a stupid name for their interface).

After the demo is installed, you’re on your own!  Enjoy the trial version of the latest Tales of game, and pray that Namco Bandai or Sony think there’s money in releasing it in the US (you know, like they didn’t do with the Vesperia PS3 port).


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