Adventures in gun cleaning

by wfgodbold

I started in on finally cleaning my P226 Classic 22, and while the gun is easy to disassemble (and reassemble, for that matter), the bottle of cleaning solvent I knocked over and spilled all over the table is harder to rebottle.  I cleaned up the spill as best I could and put the gun back together; I’ll finish cleaning it after buying some more solvent.  Next time I’ll be sure to have plenty of room to spread out the gun parts and cleaning implements.

I did get the return receipt back from Sig Sauer; when I sent in the coupon for the 9mm caliber exchange kit for the P226 a couple weeks back, I sent it return receipt requested.  The coupon said it should take 8-12 weeks to get the kit, so worst case I’ll be able to switch my P226 from .22 to 9mm by the end of the year.

I’ll be more comfortable carrying the P226 than the Bersa .380, I think; mostly because I shoot the Sig better (the sights on the Bersa are small, as is the sight radius).  I’ve also shot the Sig easily ten times as much; cheap ammo is a wonderful thing, and .380 is nothing if not expensive.


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