Japete is Humpty Dumpty!

by wfgodbold

Japete (Brady Board member and anti-gunner (see more examples of her idiocy at Linoge’s (H/T Joe Huffman))) is quite the wordsmith.

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

Robb Allen points out that “something that happens” is not the same thing as “legal,” but I doubt it will make an impression on her; certain segments of the population talk past each other on many issues (not just gun rights) because of using words in different ways (Kevin talks on this a lot, but I can’t find the particular post I’m looking for right now).

The most striking example, I think, is the word fair; either a process can be fair, or the outcome can be ‘fair.’  If the outcome is ‘fair,’ then everyone gets the same thing no matter what they put in; if the process is fair, then it treats everyone the same.  The rich are not proof that the system is unfair simply because they are rich when many are poor.  The process itself isn’t as fair as it could be (mainly because of lobbying by businesses to create barriers to entry), but it could be far worse.

Meanings do change over time; literally now literally means figuratively (in spoken English, anyway).  This isn’t the same thing, though; you can’t be Humpty Dumpty and make up your own damn meanings and expect people to go along with it (though you can make up your own words; Japete’s use of the word legal was not cromulent at all).


5 Responses to “Japete is Humpty Dumpty!”

  1. Bah! That is exactly the reference my brain was grasping for ever since Japete caught the eye of the gunbloggers, but I just could not put my finger on it…

    The words she uses mean exactly what she intends them to mean, when she uses them, and all of that is entirely fluid and dependent upon the situation/placement/her mood of the day. And, of course, when we call her on incorrectly using words, we are the wrong ones, even though the dictionary probably backs us up…

    *sigh* People like that give me a roaring headache.

    (Thanks for the linkage, by the by :).)

  2. It’s not really a fair comparison, though; Humpty Dumpty was smart enough to realize what he was doing.

    Japete seems to try to power through her opponents with nothing but bluster and (self-)righteous indignation, and is dumbfounded when people call her on it.

    You’re welcome for the link! Maybe the spammers that visit my blog all the time will like what they see…

  3. And when we do call her on it, “we are attacking her”. It now makes common sense.


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