Test drive complete!

by wfgodbold

And the 9mm slide functions almost flawlessly!

I had a couple of stovepipes with the Tula ammo I was using, but the WWB worked without issue.  In ten magazines worth of shooting (150 rounds, 50 Tula and 100 WWB), I think I had about 4 instances where the slide failed to hold back after the last round.

After reading online, that’s probably caused by either a weak magazine spring or a bunch of crap around the slide release lever.  I’ll clean it and get some new magazines before taking it out again, and that should clear up what’s causing the problems.

The gun shoots better than I do, but I still got ~2/3 of the shots on the 4″ targets at 10 yards (and the misses were only off the target by an inch or two), so that’s more than acceptable for defense.

Shooting 5500 rounds of .22 through the P226 really helped my accuracy, though; I’m far more accurate with the 9 mm that I just got than I am with the .380 I’ve had for 8 months.


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