Episode 2!

by wfgodbold

The Walking Dead returns!

The episode starts out focused on a group of refugees.  Rick’s girlfriend heads out to look for something to eat and takes a bucket with her.  She finds some mushrooms out in the woods, but is spooked by some noises.

She keeps looking around, and then finally is surprised by Rick’s partner (her new boyfriend).  They snuck out to have some alone time; she takes off the necklace that Rick presumably gave her before they start fooling around.  The camera zooms in and focuses on the necklace (with an engagement ring on it, I think) in the foreground as the two of them start having rough sex in the background, and it fades to the opening credits.

After the credits, we return to Rick in the tank, surrounded by zombies.  He makes contact on the radio with some guy outside who was watching him earlier.  He advises Rick to make a run for it, and asks if he has ammo.  It’s all in the bag by the horse, so Rick has to scrounge around in the tank.  He takes the Beretta, a grenade, and an entrenching tool and pops the hatch.  A skinny Asian kid meets him a block down the road and pulls him into an alley, where they climb a fire escape to get away from what everyone in this show calls the walkers.

Rick thanks Glen, and then they start climbing up the ladder on the outside of the building.  Glen has been in radio contact with his friends the whole way, and they run out with a couple baseball bats to take out the 4 zombies in the alley by their hideout.  They’re furious at Rick for shooting and calling all the zombies to their location; the front door to the mall is surrounded, and they zombies are banging on the doors.

They go up to the roof to make radio contact, and Merle is sitting up there shooting zombies from the roof.  He starts a fight with the black guy in the scavenger crew.  While Merle is taking charge, Rick smacks him in the head and cuffs him to a pipe.  He looks down on the big city and cradles his wrist.

After the commercial break, they’re trying to make contact with the refugee center, but it’s not happening.  The streets are too crowded to escape, so Rick suggests using the sewers.  The group heads down to the subbasement and finds a way down.  They’re leery of going down, but Glen won’t go down unless he can say how everything is going to work.

Rick stays behind with the rest of the group (minus Glen and the other guy whose name I don’t recall) while the other two go through the tunnels to see if they’re clear.  The zombies are still banging on the glass.  Rick shows the woman who held a gun in his face how to use it; Merle is still up on the roof, laughing while the black guy doesn’t contact anyone on the radio.  He starts wheedling trying to get the black guy to get the hacksaw and let him cut the cuffs off.

Glen finds the sewer tunnel, but it’s got a rebar grate blocking the entrance.  They try to get a look through, but a zombie lunges at them and has blood on its mouth and someone’s body parts in his hands.

The woman from earlier was about to take a necklace, but before she could, the zombies break open the glass; Glen and the other guy get back and tell Rick that the sewer is a no go, and then it fades to commercial.

After the commercial, Rick is looking through binoculars at a construction site.  They try to come up with a way to get down there, and decide to mask their smell by putting on a bunch of protective gear and using the dead zombies from earlier as perfume.

Right before hacking into the guy with an axe, Rick stops, and pulls out the zombie’s wallet.  He’s trying to keep his humanity in a world gone mad.  Glen points out that the zombie was an organ donor.

Rick hacks body parts off as everyone watches, then hands the axe to the guy who went with Glen down to the sewers.  Everyone has gloves and raincoats on, and they take the offal (I guess?) and smear it all over their coats (good thing they were in a department store!).  Glen finally gives in and pukes over on the side of the room.  Rick gives the black guy the key to the handcuffs, and he and Glen head out into the street, covered in zombie fluids and body parts.

They stagger slowly down the road, trying to blend in (shades of Shaun of the Dead), and then crawl under a bus to get past a road block.  Everyone back at the building runs up to the roof to watch them through the binoculars.

Back at the camp, the old guy is working on the car, and the girl who had gone looking for mushrooms is worried that no one is back.  Rick’s partner hears them make contact on the radio finally.  The connection doesn’t last, but they hear T-dog say that they’re at the department store.

Rick’s partner says that they’re not going to go after them; they knew the risks when they went.  The sister of the girl who held a gun on Rick gets pissed off, and Rick’s wife chasers her to talk her down.  After that, the show fades to another commercial break.

Rick and Glen are making good progress, and Rick tells Glen not to draw attention to them when Glen points out that their disguise is working.  They continue to stagger on, and then the rain starts.  The smell starts to wash off, and the zombies start following them.

The pair starts running, attacking zombies with their crowbar (Glen) and axe (Rick) before finally making it to the fence and jumping it just ahead of the zombies.  Glen gets the keys and tosses them to Rick, and they get the truck started right after a zombie jumps the fence and just before the rest of the zombies knock it down.

They don’t head straight back to the store; Rick needs to make noise to distract the zombies and move them away from the front doors.  They set off several car alarms, and Glen takes off in a GTO behind him.  The rest of the guys run off, leaving T-dog to decide if he’s going to let Merle out or not.  He finally says ok, but then trips and drops the key to the handcuffs down the drain.  T-dog apologizes and runs off the roof, but he stops to lock the door on the way down.

The rest of the group is preparing to open the loading dock door; Glen is revving the engine and the alarm is drawing the zombies away.  T-dog runs past the front doors just as the zombies break through, and heads towards the loading dock, arriving just as Rick pulls the truck up.  They all get in the truck, and close the back gate just as the zombies chase them out of the building.  While they leave, Merle is straining against the cuffs and cursing the rest of the group from his place on the roof.

They make their way out of town, and T-dog says that he dropped the key; the girl wonders where Glen is; the show ends with him flooring it down the interstate in the sports car, whooping and hollering as the alarm continues to blare.

In the short preview of next week’s episode after the commercial, we see Norman Reedus’s character get pissed at Rick for leaving his brother handcuffed to the roof.  As always, it looks like the major danger in surviving in the zombie apocalypse isn’t so much from the shambling zombies as it is from your fellow survivors.

3 Comments to “Episode 2!”

  1. “Rick stays behind with the rest of the group (minus Glen and the other guy whose name I don’t recall)…”

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who cannot remember names in this series. I’d say I’m having difficulty with it, but I’m not really bothered as they can be easily identifiable by race or relation (as Nixon pointed out before bashing in T-Dog’s face). Actually, thanks to the racist southerner the only thing about the guy I remember is that he is either Mexican or Spanish as he calls him a Taco Salesman or something similar.

    And you too noticed a Sean of the Dead similarity as they waded through the undead! It wasn’t overtly comedic, but I thought the entrails and hands/feet draped around their necks like a boa and garlic was a bit over the top if they were trying to keep this ‘serious.’ Especially followed by the organ donor remark lol

    The only thing that I disagree within your wonderful review is that the zombie in the sewers was actually eating a *rat*! And probably eating well, too. Those suckers were huge that they showed scurrying about down there.

    Your blog has an awesome banner, by the way 😀

  2. Oh, that was a rat? That’s not nearly as gruesome as a zombie carrying around a bunch of leftover human remains 😀

    Yeah, even though the show has been pretty bad about making sure we know everyone’s names, they’re all pretty stereotypical, so that makes it easy to keep them straight.

    I shamelessly screencapped and cropped the banner image from the first episode (though so far there is only the one episode) of Cat Shit One; it’s out there on the internet if you look for it (and it’s a pretty good way to waste half an hour if you like realistic action and don’t mind anthropomorphic animals).

    • Haha, with a title like that, how could I *not* click the link? Totally going to have to scrounge around and watch that episode. As long as it is far away from that Dog vs Cat crap Disney or whatever was shoving out I don’t see how I can’t enjoy watching what looks to be an inspector gadget wabbit with a friggin’ ray gun. I can almost visualize the caption of “Go on, Daffy. Change the sign to Wabbit Season one more — damn time. I *dare* ya. Doc.”

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