These boots were made for walkin’

by wfgodbold

Episode 3 opens with Merle cursing on the roof of the building he was left on at the end of the second episode.  He’s reliving his time in the military, and his wrist is worn and bloody, and it looks like he’s starting to get heatstroke or something.

For what happens in the rest of the show, hit the jump!

Merle snaps out of his reverie after a minute or so and starts panicking just in time for the zombies to break the chain on the door and try to open it and get out on the roof to attack him.  He lies down and prays fervently; while prostrate he sees a bunch of stuff on the ground on the other side of the pipes he’s chained to.  He grabs a belt and uses it to try to latch on to one of the guns as the zombies continue to beat on the door.  Before we see what happens, the credits roll.

After the credits, we pick back up with Rick and the guys from the city; Glenn is still whooping and hollering while he jukes around in the sports car near Rick and the truck.

Rick’s partner is talking to Rick’s son while Rick’s wife cuts her son’s hair; they talk about catching frogs; Shane, that’s the partner’s name!  And the son is Carl.  They can hear the alarm on the sports car and Glenn pulls up with the sound blaring.

Everyone starts talking at once, but you can’t hear anything until they get the alarm cut off.

He gets chewed out for a minute for the alarm, and then the truck pulls up and the Mexican tells Rick to come meet everyone.

The sisters are in tears and happy to see each other, and the Mexican’s family is happy to see him, too.  Shane watches Rick’s wife and Carl, and they call Rick over.

Shane is shocked to see him, and so are Carl and Rick’s wife.  Carl is thrilled, and his wife is speechless.  They all embrace, and she looks over his shoulder at Shane, who is obviously not thrilled about the change in their situation.

The show cuts to a campfire seen, and Rick is talking about how he feels.  How he thought he was in a dream or a coma or something, and Carl says that his mom said he was dead.  The hospital was supposed to medevac Rick and the other patients to Atlanta, but that never happened, so they assumed the worst.  Rick tells Shane how grateful he is, and Shane just looks at Rick’s wife.

Shane has to call out some other guy at a different fire for stoking the embers too much and building the fire too big; they keep them low so that they can’t be seen from a distance.  Shane pulls out the log and stomps on it to make the fire dimmer, and talks to the guy’s wife and daughter before returning to the fire Rick and co. are around.

T-dog and Rick argue over who is going to tell Merle’s brother that they left Merle back in Atlanta, and Glenn points out that it would come better from a white guy.  The brother is out hunting, and no one is looking forward to telling him when he gets back.  T-dog says that the staircase is narrow, and he chained the door shut before leaving, so Merle might still be alive.

Rick kisses Carl goodnight, and then goes over to his wife; he’s shirtless, and we can see that he still has a large bandage on his ribs from where he got shot.  He embraces his wife, but she doesn’t make eye contact, and they talk in bed; Rick tells her that he knew that they were alive, and that he knew he would find them.  She smiles when he says that he knew they were alive because all of the photos were gone; she reaches over and grabs the album and shows it to him.  She starts flipping through, and he pulls out a photo of the three of them and puts it in the book.

She says that she thought they would never see him again, and apologizes for everything, but doesn’t come right out and say what ‘everything’ is; Rick cuts her off and kisses her.  She pulls the wedding band on her necklace out and offers it back to Rick.  They kiss and she dims the light, reassuring Rick that Carl won’t wake up.  They have sex and she is crying.

Shane is sitting outside under a tarp as the rain starts, and he’s not happy.  It doesn’t take much for the dark scene to fade to black for the first commercial break.

The show picks up with Rick lying in bed the next morning in their tent.  She sees shoes, but no one else is in the tent with him.  He leaves the tent and thanks a woman who is washing clothes.  Glenn calls the other guys vultures; they’re stripping the sports car for parts and gas, and Rick tells him that maybe they’ll get to steal another one some day.

Rick walks over to his wife and they exchange morning pleasantries; he tells her he’s thinking about Merle, and then Shane pulls up in a Jeep with water.

Before they can talk more about Merle’s situation, there’s a scream and everyone runs off to see what happened.

They find a zombie eating a a deer; two arrows are embedded in its flank (the deer’s, not the zombies).  The zombie turns and groans at them, and is rewarded with a serious beat down with axes, pitchforks, clubs, and shovels.

The old guy says that this is the first zombie they’ve had up there, and Rick says that they’re running out of food in the city.  They hear more rustling around in the woods, and Merle’s brother comes out carrying a crossbow and is pissed off; he pulls out his arrows, and suggests cutting around the chewed up part of the deer.  Shane says that wouldn’t be a good idea.

The brother (Daryl) carries his squirrels back to camp hollering for Merle.  Daryl freaks out when Rick tells him that he handcuffed Merle to a roof and left him there.  He attacks and then pulls a knife; Shane grabs him from behind and Rick kneels down to talk to him.

T-dog says it’s not Rick’s fault, cause he dropped the key down a drain.  They tell him that they chained the door to the roof so the geeks couldn’t get to him.

Rick says he’s going back for him, and his wife is not happy about it.  Cut to commercial.

Shane says that Rick is stupid, and Rick’s wife is incredulous that he and Daryl are going to go alone; Rick says that Glenn will go along too, and T-dog says that he’ll go as well.

Shane says that he’s putting all of them at risk for going, and that they need everyone to protect the camp.  Rick tells them about the bag of guns back in Atlanta, and Rick’s wife says that none of them are worth Merle’s life, even with guns thrown in.

Rick says that the man and the boy who helped him earlier would be going into Atlanta, and that he needs the walkie talkie in the bag to warn them off.  His wife finally relents, and Carl does too, even though neither of them are happy about it.

Rick asks a couple of the other camp guys about bolt cutters; they tell him that they’ll bring back the bag of tools they left on the roof with Merle; Rick offers them one of the guns and any parts they need from the truck.

Shane gives Rick some more loose rounds for the Colt python Rick had been using earlier, but he only has four cartridges.  Rick gets in the van and loads the cylinder as they pull away.  Shane watches them go and it cuts to Rick’s wife talking to Carl.  Carl says he’s not worried, but Rick’s wife obviously is, and says so.  Carl says they shouldn’t worry, cause after everything that’s happened so far, nothing has killed his dad yet.  Rick’s wife forces a laugh and holds Carl’s hand.

Daryl says that Merle better be okay, and T-dog tells him not to worry.  Glenn parks the van on the railroad tracks and the four of them get out and run towards the town as they fade to commercial.

Shane and Carl have gone to the quarry to try to catch frogs, and Rick’s wife is looking for them.  Shane wades out into the water and tells Carl to round up the frogs as he drives them towards him.  He falls over and splashes around, and all Carl has to show for it is dirt.  The women are watching while they do real work, and they complain.

Glenn says that Merle is closer, so they’ll get him first and then get the guns.  The four of them head off to get him and the show cuts back to the women talking about what they miss most.

The guy who built up the fire (Ed) walks towards them asking what’s so funny; he tells them they should focus on the work cause it’s not a comedy club.

Rick’s wife (Laurie!) comes down and sends Carl back, and she gets into it with Shane; she tells him that her family is off limits to him.  Shane says that he was his best friend.  She says that Shane is the one who told her he was dead, and calls him a son of a bitch; he must have done that just so he could move in on Laurie with Rick out of the picture.

The four men find a female zombie in the mall, and Daryl shoots her through the head with his crossbow.  They continue through the mall and it cuts back to the women talking to Ed.

Ed is chewing them out, and tells his wife to come along; the blonde woman tells him they don’t have to put up with that, and Ed smacks his wife.  Shane runs over and starts beating the shit out of Ed; probably cause he hit his wife, but mostly cause he’s pissed off about Laurie.  He says that if Ed puts his hands on anyone in the camp again, he’ll beat him to death.  He walks off and Ed’s wife is huddled over his bruised and broken face.

The four guys back in Atlanta make their way onto the roof and break open the door; Merle is gone, and all that’s left is a hacksaw, a bloody pair of handcuffs, and Merle’s severed right hand.

That’s the end of this week’s episode! After the break we’ll see scenes from next week’s.

More zombies get to the camp, they find more survivors in Atlanta (and back at the camp, it looks like), and more drama!

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