That package from Japan?

by wfgodbold

If it’s over 16 ounces (454 grams), it’s high-risk and can’t be sent.

Thanks to the Department of Homeland Security’s new regulations, Japan Post has announced that they will no longer (starting on the 17th of this month and continuing for who knows how long) accept packages for shipment to the US and her territories that are more than 453g in weight.

This affects me in particular; Tales of Graces F comes out in the first week of December, and my friend in Japan is supposed to ship it to me (along with a couple books and magazines).  The total package weight is sure to be more than one pound, especially with whatever packing material he uses to make sure nothing gets destroyed en route.

Unfortunately, shipping via Japan Post is no longer an option; I guess he’ll have to ship via one of the far more expensive carriers, assuming they still will ship items to the US.

Thanks, Janet Napolitano.  I certainly feel safe now that I know I’m not in danger from all those exploding toner cartridges those Japanese Muslims have been shipping through the mail.


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