Again, SEGA? Really?

by wfgodbold

Do you hate your fans that much?  I mean, sure, making Valkyria Chronicles into a PSP series is one thing, but giving up consoles completely and going to a browser based experience for the next Sakura Taisen game?

Did your dog die and are you taking it out on us?

I mean, sure, Kimi Aru ga Tame was terrible, but at least it was still on a console.  And it’s not like no one wants a real Sakura Taisen game; in a Famitsu poll from last year, it topped the list of games people want sequels for.

The offshoot games (Mysterious Paris and Kimi Aru ga Tame, mainly) haven’t done as well as the main titles do; they’re practically completely different games, and if they keep making niche titles instead of a real Sakura Taisen VI, then SEGA will be killing the franchise with the death of a thousand cuts.

On the other hand, given what they’ve done to Sonic the Hedgehog, maybe they *want* to kill their beloved franchises.


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