We’re walking, we’re walking…

by wfgodbold

This week’s episode opens with the two blonde sisters fishing in a canoe, talking about their father.

The water in the quarry is clear and blue, and after they’re done talking, the camera zooms out to the old guy standing on top of the RV, looking around.  he sees one of the other guys digging, and then the scene focuses on him; he’s digging graves in a field full of shallow graves.  The credits roll, and the newest episode of The Walking Dead has begun!

After the credits, we rejoin Rick and co. on the roof, where they’re looking at Merle’s hand.  Daryl points his crossbow at him, and Rick puts his revolver right up against his forehead.  Daryl gets a bandana from T-dog, and wraps Merle’s hand in it.  They mention that the saw blade was too dull for the handcuffs.  Daryl says that Merle must have used his belt as a tourniquet, judging from the lack of blood and puts the bandana-wrapped hand in Glenn’s backpack.

They follow the drops of blood around to a stairwell down, and we return to the guy digging.

There are really too many POV characters; the constant switches after only a minute or two focusing on each group is really jarring.

The old guy tells the younger bearded guy to drink some water, but he just keeps digging.  We then see Daryl shoot a zombie in the forehead.  They talk about how Merle is pretty tough; he took out a couple zombies one handed.

The girls walk back to the camp with a bunch of fish; they give them to everyone else, and the old guy says that they may have a problem, and gestures towards the guy digging.

They cut back to the guys in town; there’s blood and stuff in the kitchen; Merle used the stove and a plaster spreading tool to cauterize the stump of his hand.  They look out the window, and Rick has to try to reign in Daryl before he freaks out and goes out to search the whole city for his brother.  They decide to get the guns first, and then it cuts back to Jim digging.

Dale, the old guy, told everyone that he’s been out there for hours; everyone is trying to find out why he’s digging.  Laurie says that he’s scaring people, and he says they have nothing to be scared of.  Rick’s partner says he should take a break, and maybe later he’ll help.  Jim says, “Or what?”  He points out that no one made him judge and jury, and the partner tackles him and takes away the shovel.  He gets handcuffed face down in the dirt; we find out that the only reason Jim escaped was that the zombies were eating his family and didn’t follow him.

Glenn is trying to convince everyone that he should go get the guns by himself; if he’s alone, he’s fast.  He wants to take Daryl as backup, because the crossbow is quieter than Rick’s gun.  They use a whiteboard to plan out what they’re going to do to get the bag; we find out that Glenn used to deliver pizzas; no wonder he’s good at picking out alternate routes on their whiteboard map.

Glen runs out into the street; Daryl is back in the alley with his crossbow.  Glenn hides behind cars and then jumps a fence; Glenn gets distracted by a guy who came up behind him and starts yelling; two of the guy’s friends come down and they grab Glenn after attacking Daryl.  They pull up in a car and drive off with Glenn, leaving their friend and the bag of guns behind; Rick, T-dog, and Daryl take the guns and bug out from all the zombies that have been attracted by the noise.

When the show comes back after the first commercial break, we see Jim cuffed and leaning against a tree.  Rick’s partner brings him some water, and Jim asks how long they’re going to keep him like this.

He apologizes for scaring the kids, and claims that it was just sunstroke.  Dale asks him why he was digging; Jim says he doesn’t remember, and then says that it’s cause of something he dreamt.

They don’t untie him, and Rick’s partner gets some of the people to help him clean the fish.  Laurie walks over after everyone else leaves and Jim tells her to keep her son close, to never let him out of her sight.  She nods and walks away.

Daryl, Rick, and T-dog are questioning the guy that called in his friends; Daryl scares him with Merle’s hand, and says that that’s what they did to the last guy that pissed them off.

Rick and Daryl load up with some weapons and take the kid to see Guillermo, the guy in charge that took Glenn.  Two large doors open, and a black guy walks out, asking if he’s okay.  There’s quite the Mexican standoff, and the Guillermo says they’ll only trade Glenn back if they give up the bag of guns, too.  They walk off and the show cuts to a commercial break.

After the break, we rejoin Rick and Daryl with the bag of guns; Daryl asks if he’s really willing to give those guns up in exchange for Glenn.

Rick points out that he owes Glenn his life, and he tells T-dog and Daryl to leave; he’s planning to go in and get Glenn on his own.  They refuse, and they go back to loading the guns.

We then see them carrying the guns and prodding the gagged kid in front of them.  Guillermo wants his guns, but Rick won’t give them to him; he points his shotgun right at Guillermo’s face.  An old woman walks out and starts talking, and the situation is diffused.

Rick follows her out through the back door and up a flight of stairs, and then into another building.  It’s some kind of hospital; people are taking medicine and sitting around, and it’s very quiet.

They’re all old; she leads them into a room where a guy is sucking on an inhaler.  Guillermo says that the staff took off and left the patients there to die; Felipe, one of the tough guys, turns out to be a nurse, and Guillermo says he’s the custodian.

T-dog says the world has changed, and Guillermo says that it’s as same as it ever was.  They talk about possibly trying to leave the city, but most of the patients can barely walk.

Rick gives him a shotgun and a rifle; I didn’t see him clear them first.  It cuts to the four main guys walking back through town; they get back to where they left the van, but it’s not there.  They says that Merle must have taken it, and then the commercials start again.

After the interlude, we see one of  the blonde sisters going through drawers in the RV.  She’s looking for paper or something to wrap a gift in, and Dale says that he’ll find something.

Jim is still tied to the tree, but he says that he’s feeling better.  Rick’s partner wants to make sure there are no hard feelings, and offers to let him join the rest of them at an old fashioned fish fry.

The guy Rick’s partner beat up says he won’t go join everyone else; Ed asks his daughter to stay and keep him company, but she and his wife both leave.

Rick, Glenn, T-dog, and Daryl are running through the dark; there’s no telling how far towards the camp they’ve come.

The group asks Dale why he winds his watch every day at the same time.  He says it’s important to keep track of time.  He repeats a line from Faulkner regarding time, and the younger of the blonde sisters gets up to go to the bathroom.

Ed sees someone messing with his tent, and says that he told people to leave him alone; it’s a zombie, not his wife, and he gets bit in the neck.  The sister also gets bit as she leaves the RV, complaining about not having any toilet paper.  Rick and co are close enough to hear something, and start running faster.

The older sister freaks out as her younger sister dies, and the rest of the camp people try to escape in a group; anyone by themselves falls to the zombies.

Rick and friends get there just as the survivors are getting to the RV, and they start shooting the zombies; some get clubbed.

Carl is okay, so is Laurie.  Jim walks out of the darkness to the RV as well, and appears unhurt.

The older sister is still comforting her younger sister as she dies, and has blood all over her hands and arms, and is smearing it over her face.  She cries, and then the younger breathes her last.  All the survivors are embracing, and the older blonde is devastated.

Jim says he remembers his dream and why he dug the holes, and everyone looks around at all the dead zombies and ex-survivors, and the episode ends.


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