Mid season (?) thoughts on The Walking Dead

by wfgodbold

Since Sunday’s episode, I’ve been thinking of various problems I have with the show; sure, it’s an okay post zombie apocalypse survival tale, but the characters are pretty much all idiots.  That’s true of most zombie stories, I guess; if everyone were a loner who stockpiled guns, ammo, and non-perishable foodstuffs, there wouldn’t be much human drama.  Spoilers after the jump!

First off, it’s set in Georgia; the main character is a sheriff, and the other characters are either from Atlanta or the surrounding area, I suppose.  While I might believe that Atlanta proper might have lower incidence of gun ownership than the suburbs and rural areas, I do find it completely ridiculous that the only guns almost anyone in the show has are the ones in the bag that Rick Grimes loaded up at the sheriff’s office.

Hell, one of the guys in their band of idiots (sorry, survivors) was his partner!  He didn’t think to bring any other guns?  Merle has a bolt-action rifle (I think), the older blonde sister has a small pistol, and other than that, I don’t think anyone has anything else.  The guns Rick took from the sheriff’s department were mainly shotguns; in this age of militarized police forces, he couldn’t find one AR-15?  Shotguns are great, but a semi-auto rifle would be far better for taking out a bunch of zombies.

It’s also highly suspect that before leaving town, he didn’t swing back by the hospital to check all of those army tents for anything useful.  Even if the stuff left behind by the military there (and in Atlanta) had been looted, wouldn’t some of the survivors have the guns?  Instead, the hardware is nowhere to be seen, and neither is the military.

We don’t know how long it’s been since the shit hit the fan, but this group of survivors is still living in a tent city walking distance from Atlanta (we know it’s not that far, cause it only takes a few hours for the group to walk/run back to camp from the city in episode 4)?  No walls, no bunkers, no foxholes, no moats, no walls, no defenses of any kind; they’re just sitting around minding their own business in episode 4 and a bunch of zombies walk right into their damn camp.  Don’t they have lookouts, either?  Or tripwires?

Apparently the group survives on what they can scavenge from their trips into Atlanta (and some hunting, fishing, and scrounging in the woods).  Shouldn’t there be far more zombies in the city?

On the other hand, maybe all the people who actually owned guns bugged out at the first sign of trouble and are holed up in their secret bunkers out in the middle of nowhere, avoiding all of the stupidity.  We’re not watching the real idiots, or the smartest people; the *real* idiots have mostly been turned into zombies by now, and the guys who plan ahead are living high on the hog (so to speak).  All the survivors in the show are smart enough to live past the initial catastrophe, but it’s only a matter of time until they succumb to the inevitable; someone will get bit and hide it, and then turn while everyone is holed up hiding from a zombie attack or something.

One guy always ends up ruining it for everyone else!


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