I’ve been watching Firefly

by wfgodbold

Only one episode and the movie left to go, and it’s pretty good.  I can definitely see why it’s got the fan following it does, and Fox did the show a disservice by airing the episodes out of order and canceling it.  Maybe they’re owned by SEGA?

On the other hand, the big fan following wasn’t enough to push Serenity into the black (even if it was enough to get it made), so Fox chose wisely when they sold the rights to Universal.

I do like the high tech/low tech juxtaposition, though; Star Trek would have been far better with lever action rifles and horses.

I doubt I’ll finish watching the show tonight; there’s a new episode of Burn Notice starting soon, and then tomorrow I’m going to go see The Warrior’s Way (after all, the only thing that’s almost as cool as Cowboys and Aliens is Cowboys and Ninjas!).


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