Ah, the hypocrisy of the elite

by wfgodbold

Ted Turner says we need a global one-child policy to save the planet!

That would be the same Ted Turner that has five children.

Just like I don’t find it credible when those lecturing on the dangers of global warming fly off in their private jets to the World Cup, or to a big conference in Cancun (can’t they use videoconferencing?), I’m not swayed by the arguments of a guy with five children who thinks I should only have one.

Even setting aside the whole hypocrisy issue, having a negative population growth rate is not ideal; we have enough problems with our entitlements as it is with a population that is slowly increasing.  If we end up cutting our population by half every generation, the young will collapse under the cost of the entitlements for their parents and grandparents.

Not that there’s any hope of everyone in the world agreeing on anything at all; we have to be realistic.  The UN is powerless and consumed by graft, and you have to figure there are people out there who would argue with anything suggestions coming from the US just because it was suggested by an American.


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