Speaking of Ufotable

by wfgodbold

Aniplex USA has announced that they’re releasing the limited edition Kara no Kyoukai blu-ray set in the US; preorders are open, if you’ve got $400 to burn.

While I really like the movies (the animation is gorgeous, the action is fluid, and the story is confusing as hell; Ufotable did a great job with the production), I don’t like them quite that much.  I think the high price is to stave off any attempts by the Japanese to reverse import the blu-ray discs; Japan and the US are in the same region, and the set has a near-simultaneous release.  Since amazon.co.jp has the same set for roughly the same price (ordering through TSRI’s site saves on shipping and import duties, and on exchange rates, making it roughly $80 cheaper than amazon), all this does is make it easier for people in the US to buy a legit copy.

If, like me, you’re going to wait until the price comes down to a more affordable level (I hope; if this is the only US release, I’ll be very disappointed), then you’ll just have to hope the promo video doesn’t whet your appetite too much.

In other Type Moon news, Mahoutsukai no Yoru has been pushed back yet again, this time without a concrete release date.  I thought about preordering it back when the release date was in September, but I held off once it got delayed to December.  Now it’s been adjusted again, this time to “this winter,” so they have another three month window for the release.


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