Happy new year!

by wfgodbold

Two days late though it may be!

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get back on the wagon and rein in my eating habits once more.  I’ve had almost three months of eating whatever I want, and the corresponding weight gain is making me miserable.

I aim to finish (finally) Enemy at the Gates, and finish the editing and rewrite of another novel I’ve had sitting around for some time.

I could stand to go shooting more often; I haven’t been since the weather turned, but I need to brave the elements (especially since the weather really isn’t that bad) and get in more practice.

I’ll also try to put more effort into posting regularly; the past month or so, I’ve really thrown in the towel.

Those are my major goals for the year; maybe by not calling them resolutions, I’ll put more work into actually keeping up with them (but I doubt it).

Thanks to everyone who visited last year, and hopefully you’ll continue to show up throughout 2011!


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