The coming War on Violent Rhetoric

by wfgodbold

Our betters are keen on smacking down “violent rhetoric.”

First, some disinformation (H/T Snowflakes in Hell):

Loughner legally purchased his weapon – a Glock 19 with an extended magazine – from an Arizona store. The same kind of extended magazine was illegal under the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004.

If Loughner was a pothead (as a classmate claims), then no, he did not legally purchase his weapon; he lied on the Form 4473 (one of the questions you swear to answer truthfully is whether or not you are a user of illegal drugs), and lying on that form is a felony.

The extended magazine was only illegal during the AWB if it was manufactured after 1994; during the ban, pre-ban manufactured magazines went for a premium, since you couldn’t buy normal capacity magazines any more.

So-called “violent rhetoric” has been part of politics for years; it’s the nature of the beast (what, you though campaign was peaceful?), and this ridiculous finger-pointing has got to stop.  Palin is no more responsible for this batshit crazy guy’s attack than Gabriel Range would have been responsible for an attempt on Bush’s life.  No one is to blame except for Loughner himself.

I for one welcome our latest war: The War on Violent Rhetoric.

I imagine it will be as successful as the others, and twice as ironic!

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