And now the legislative hysteria starts

by wfgodbold

Rep. Peter King thinks that we need a law prohibiting guns from within 1000 feet of government officials.

Even setting aside how impossible that would be to enforce, there’s no way that law is constitutional; it sounds exactly the same as the Gun Free School Zones Act, but with “government official” instead of “school zone,” and that law was found unconstitutional.

And of course Bloomberg is in favor of it; he never met a gun control law he didn’t like.

Nick Gillespie says it best: (H/T Instapundit)

The problem isn’t with the current moment’s rhetoric, it’s with the goddamn politicization of every goddamn thing not even for a higher purpose or broader fight but for the cheapest moment-by-moment partisan advantage. Whether on the left or on the right, there’s a totalist mentality that everything can and should be explained first and foremost as to whether it helps or hurt the party of choice.

The anti-gun forces aren’t new to this; any time some crazy guy goes and shoots up the place, the first thing they do is scream for more gun control (usually demanding that we crack down on completely unrelated stuff, like closing the gun show loophole (if it’s legal and we don’t like it, it’s a loophole!)).

Murder and assault are already illegal, and that didn’t stop Jared Loughner from killing six people and wounding another fourteen.

I leave you with a quote from Josh Green, the father of the 9-year old girl who Loughner murdered:

This shouldn’t happen in this country, or anywhere else, but in a free society, we’re going to be subject to people like this. I prefer this to the alternative.


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