In which I discuss two recent movies

by wfgodbold

True Grit and The Green Hornet!

First, the lesser of the two: The Green Hornet.  I was initially suspicious of Seth Rogen’s ability to play anything but a self-absorbed party guy, but since that’s his character in a nutshell (he comes up with the idea to be a costumed hero while on a bender), he does a pretty good job.  The Asian guy who plays Kato, though, steals the show; he’s hilarious, and is a far better character than the spoiled son of a newspaperman that Rogen plays.

I enjoyed it; unlike the film adaptation of The Shadow from the 90s, The Green Hornet is adapted into the modern age (The Shadow was set in the 40s, I believe).  It worked for this source material, and it might not have worked as well with the Shadow (though they could have taken a page from the BBC’s reinvintion of Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock, also a very good adaptation) and had Lamont Cranston be an opium lord in the modern Orient; opium is still very big there).

Now for True Grit; sadly, I haven’t seen the original adaptation with John Wayne, so while on the one hand I haven’t seen a classic western, on the other hand my opinion wasn’t clouded by any expectations.

Jeff Bridges does a great job as the crotchety old marshal, Rooster Cogburn; Matt Damon was surprisingly un Matt Damon like in his role as the wayward Texas Ranger LaBeouf, but the star of the movie is Hailee Steinfeld, who played the feisty Mattie Hayes.  She doesn’t take any guff from anyone, and barrels on through the tale on sheer willpower.

It pains me to say this (since it’s usually not the case, in my opinion), but the critics are right; True Grit is amazing.

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