Well, that tears it

by wfgodbold

I’m not getting a 3DS at launch (since there aren’t any games I’d want for it), and probably not any time soon (if ever) once games I’m interested in come out for it; it’s definitely region locked.

It does seem stupid to hamstring your system just so that a feature most parents will probably either a) not know about, or b) not use, can be implemented.  Like I said before, though; import gamers don’t make up a significant enough fraction of the user base to really have any kind of impact on Nintendo’s decisions; we’re stuck with whatever they decide.

Of course, for Japanese in the US (or foreigners in Japan) or Europe, you won’t be able to buy any games unless you also purchase a local system.

The rating system explanation still strikes me as a cop out; I imagine the main reason is actually to prevent reverse importing (since the yen is still strong) and shore up sales in the various regions.

Oh well; it will sell like a house on fire, and everyone will marvel over how amazing the glassless 3D is while I’m crying into my beer and playing games the old-fashioned way: flat.


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