In search of something to watch

by wfgodbold

I finished Legend of the Legendary Heroes (yes, that’s the actual title) on Hulu last night.  It was pretty entertaining, though the ending was just a set up for a longer story arc.

Since it just finished airing in Japan last December, it’s too soon (probably) for any official talk of a sequel; for that matter, I don’t know if the light novels have progressed far enough in the story for any sequels to have coherent plots (Full Metal Panic ran into that problem; though now that the story has finished, it’s possible that Kyoto Animation will continue where they left off with The Second Raid).

None of the other anime on Hulu really interests me (and those that might are dubbed instead of subbed); maybe Crunchyroll will have something that does (hopefully of of the titles that’s free and not one that requires a paid membership).

If I can’t find anything, I’ll just go back to Netflix and find some multi-season TV show to stream.  I’d prefer anime, but Netflix only streams dubs; I could always finally watch the rest of Stargate SG-1


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