I’m still waiting for global warming to kick in

by wfgodbold

Cause it’s still too cold here to spend hours at a time at the range.

I didn’t let that stop me from a quick trip out to the gun club last week, where I ran a couple boxes of ammo through the P226.

For not having done any shooting in a month or more, I did well enough (for certain values of well).  I’m still not going to win any marksmanship contests, but I can put a magazine into a 5″ square at ten yards.

Like I said; not great, but adequate.

I’m about halfway through John Steakley’s Armor.  It’s interesting so far, but at this point I like Felix more than Jack Crow.

I saw The Mechanic over the weekend.  It had some decent action scenes, but the plot wasn’t very interesting, and it was a bit nihilistic.  If you’ve seen Jason Statham get betrayed by his employers and then avenge himself on them in one movie, you’ve seen pretty much every movie he’s done.


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