Due to various circumstances beyond my control

by wfgodbold

I haven’t been able to post about Tales of Graces F‘s impending stateside release until now.

Hopefully it will do well enough to guarantee the release of Tales of Xillia; if it doesn’t sell enough, I imagine Bamco will just write off the North American (or for that matter, non-Japanese speaking) Tales of market, and just focus on hocking DLC over the PSN.

It’s a good game.  If you liked Vesperia, you will like Graces (assuming the character designs don’t put you off).  The developers did an excellent job with the battle system, and the plot is not as tropish as it could have been (which, depending on how much you like tropes, could be a plus or a minus).

Buy it!

Buy it if you love Tales and don’t want Bamco to forsake the non-Japanese market!


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