Jeb Bush in 2012? No thanks.

by wfgodbold

Rich Lowry at the National Review thinks that if Jeb is going to run, he ought to do it in ’12 and not in ’16. His reasoning is sound, but I disagree with him on one major point.

I don’t think Jeb Bush should run at all; even if he were a hardcore libertarian along the lines of the Loonies in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, and had the popularity of Reagan in ’84.

The country has been run by the same families for long enough; Bushes have had their hands on or near the reins of power for twenty of the last thirty years.  The Clintons haven’t been as bad, but only because they started twelve years later.

Jeb could be the libertarian Moses, here to lead us into the promised land full of legalized drugs, machine guns, and free markets, and I would still find it hard to vote for another Bush.

The USA is a republic, not an oligarchy; de facto or not.


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