Only a week and a half remaining

by wfgodbold

To watch Cat Shit One for free on youtube!

The actual episode starts at 3:45 or so; before that is an action figure ad and a short teaser for the episode itself. The English voice acting was as bad as I feared it would be; if you’d rather have the Japanese voice track, then you can buy either the DVD or the Blu-ray.

I know I’ve posted about this before, but it really is good. If they don’t get enough support from us, IDA Entertainment and the creator have already said that they won’t be able to make more episodes in the future. Apparently they didn’t sell enough copies in Japan to cover their production costs.

Even if you’re not all that into anime, you might like it; the gunplay is better than what you see in a lot of Hollywood movies; the guys they used for motion capture clearly knew what they were doing.

It’s also probably the only chance you’ll get to see an AR-47 in action. So to speak.

Give Cat Shit One a chance; it might surprise you!

Disclaimer: I in no way profit from Cat Shit One (unless you buy a copy of it using the links in this post); my motivation for promoting it is purely selfish. If they can’t make money, they won’t make any more!


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