ToA port for 3DS looks lazy

by wfgodbold

According to SiliconEra, the only actual 3D game sections in the Tales of the Abyss port will be the battles.

From the screenshots they’ve posted, the rest of the visuals will be expanded (de-letterboxed?) to include more scenery on the sides of the screen (it was originally removed for 4:3 TVs, I suppose), and they changed the font.

The main advantage to the 3DS port as compared to the PS2 version will be the loading times. The original game had ridiculously long loading times; if it had been an occasional thing, I could have dealt with it, but it happened any time you transitioned from a town into the field, or even when you encountered an enemy. A cartridge-based media would alleviate most of that annoyance.

Unfortunately, the 3DS is region-locked. Unless more games come out that I find interesting, I’m not going to be importing a 3DS just for Tales of the Abyss; even if it is released in the US, I won’t buy a 3DS just for this game.


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