Innocent Primeval Breaker

by wfgodbold

Today’s selection is the full length opening movie music track from Ys Seven.

For the most recent release in the Ys series, Falcom abandoned the engine they had used in Ys VI and The Oath in Felghana for a new one; instead of having platform-style action, with jumping as well as combat, Ys Seven (for the first time) gives the player control not only of Adol, but also of his companions. Adol and two party members are on the field at any one time, and the player can switch between them should they take too much damage (or should their style of attack be more effective on specific monsters).

The new battle system was a nice change of pace, and I’m looking forward to whatever Falcom decides to do in the next game; given the Ys series’s popularity, there is sure to be another sequel.


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