Emiya (エミヤ)

by wfgodbold

Enough with Falcom games!

Today’s pick is from the Unlimited Blade Works scenario of Fate/stay night, a visual novel (kind of like an longer choose your own adventure book, with background music and better art) that was originally released on the PC (and then later released on the PlayStation 2).

In UBW, the second of the game’s three scenarios, we learn more about the motivations behind some of the minor characters from Fate (the first scenario; to unlock UBW, the player must first complete Fate, and completing UBW unlocks Heaven’s Feel, the final scenario).

While initially Fate and UBW are similar, it doesn’t take long for the plot to diverge from the first scenario’s path, and eventually Shirou Emiya (the main character) fights his penultimate battle as this music plays.

Fate/stay night was Type Moon’s first professional release; up until then, they had been a doujin software group.


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