Type Moon is keeping busy

by wfgodbold

Unfortunately, they’re busy working on new projects instead of getting Mahoutskukai no Yoru out the door!

Last week, they opened a teaser site for a new project: Carnival Phantasm.

If I had to guess (and I do!), I would say that the new game is going to be some kind of battle royale beat-em-up, a la Fate/tiger colosseum. The characters in the image are all from the Tsukihime games, the Fate/stay night games, Melty Blood (the 2D fighter based on Tsukihime), and the anthology comics by Eri Takenashi.

This is just a WAG, though; instead of a beat-em-up, it could be an RPG or some kind of cross-series visual novel. We’ll have to wait for more info before we know for sure!


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