Staring into the abyss so that you don’t have to

by wfgodbold

Linoge jumps on the grenade (ETA: actually, Heather from Arma Borealis, not Linoge, is the original grenade-jumper) that is Joan Peterson’s blog (brought to you by the Joyce Foundation!) and gives us this gem of a quote from japete:

I give you the argument of the guys with the “man pants” on ladies and gentlemen-” We’re saying that we’d rather have more gun deaths and lower overall violent crime, than zero gun deaths and higher rates of violent crime if given the choice” And there you have it. Nothing more to say here except “Wow” and “unbelievable”.

Linoge does an excellent job of showing why this is ridiculous (as if it weren’t obvious already).

A few months back I mentioned Japete’s similarity to Humpty Dumpty, but now I may have to revise that. She not only says that words mean whatever she wants them to, but she also just flat out rejects reality. Her propensity to confuse logic as badly as she does might make her more of a Mad Hatter.

Has she been inhaling the fumes from broken CFLs? Will the next satire of modern mathematics have a mad light bulb manufacturer instead of a hatter?

Linoge (and everyone else who dares to read japete’s ramblings) ought to be careful; while he stares into the abyss, the abyss is staring back at him.


2 Comments to “Staring into the abyss so that you don’t have to”

  1. Well, the good news is that my exposure to that particular abyss was insulated by Heather over at Arma Borealis – in truth, I gave up on regularly reading Joan’s weblog some time ago, along with Baldr’s, and MikeB’s, and so forth. To be certain, I will occasionally drop in if something interesting crops up (for example, the recent poll hysteria), but, otherwise, I just cannot bring myself to tolerate that degree of outright idiocy in anything approximating large quantities.

    That, and anti-rights nuts are, by and large, a bunch of passive-aggressive attention whores, and denying them that attention is one of the best ways to twist the knives… 🙂

  2. Thanks for pointing that out; if I’d bothered clicking on more of the links in your original post, I’d have seen that you were only exposed to secondhand japete idiocy.

    Passive-aggressive attention whores, indeed; they’re certainly better compensated for their, uh, “services,” than I am (I should call the NRA and the Kochs up and see why they haven’t sent me any checks).

    If the money quit rolling in, would japete and her ilk continue to advocate for gun control, or would their blogs just wither on the vine?

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