Main Theme

by wfgodbold

Valkyria Chronicles marked a return (in spirit, at least) to the dramatic strategy gameplay that SEGA did so well in the Sakura Wars games; this time on the PS3.

We follow Welkin Gunther, a young man called up into militia service when the neighboring empire invades his country, the Principality of Gallia, to kick off an alternate European War in an alternate 1935.

Welkin is given command of a small force (his father was a famous general in the first European War), and adeptly uses his scouts, assault troops, lancers, and his tank to win victory after victory.

Of course, this being a video game, that’s not all that’s going on; there are plots within plots, and ancient races with magic powers face off against tanks the size of battleships.

All the while, martial music plays…


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