Get to the choppa!

by wfgodbold

Behold, the best $28 I’ve spent in weeks! The Syma S107 remote control helicopter (H/T Instapundit)!

S107 RC Helicopter and controller

It controls pretty well, and you get around 7-10 minutes on a charge (it charges via USB). The controller takes 6 AA batteries, and in a pinch, has a cable you can pull out to charge the helicopter that way.

The helicopter itself is pretty resilient; I’ve crashed it many times, and while one rotor has a piece chipped off and another is split, it still flies just fine (spare blades are available, thankfully).

I would have tried to get a photo of it in motion, but I don’t think I’d be able to stably fly the chopper with my left hand while working the camera with my right.

The controller operates via IR signalling (I think), and there are three possible bands that you can use; if you have friends with helicopters as well, you could fly them around and crash into each other (I guess you could use one controller to control multiple helicopters if they were all on the same signal; formation flying!).

I thought RC cars were fun when I was a kid (even if I wrecked them; the only speed I would drive at was all out), but this RC helicopter is even better! Now to see if I have Ride of the Valkyries in iTunes…


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