To Zanarkand (ザナルカントにて)

by wfgodbold

Final Fantasy X, the first of 2.5 (XI doesn’t count as a full game; 3.5 if you count X-2) FF games released on the PlayStation2, hit stores nearly ten years ago, and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth…

Wait, that’s not right. FFX was a huge hit, and firmly set Square on its current FF development path (in which gameplay matters less and less and cinematics matter more and more, with each iteration). That said, it was a good game; the characters were mostly not annoying, and even if the plot was a bit weird (spoilers at the link!), it mostly held together.

To Zanarkand, the game’s main theme, plays during the opening narration, and the melancholy it evokes is appropriate, given the eventual truth behind the game’s world.


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