Haunting Melody

by wfgodbold

Tears to Tiara, the western mythic fantasy SRPG follow-up to Aquaplus‘s Utawarerumono (which was an SRPG that drew heavily from Ainu myth), was completely redone for the PlayStation 3 (it was originally released on the PC); the engine was remade, the characters were redesigned, and the various CG stills were all redone in high-definition.

Tears to Tiara draws heavily from The Mabinogion; characters include the Demon King Arawn, Gael priestess Rhiannon, her brother Arthur, fellow Gael warrioress Morgan, Talisien, several elves (Llyr, Epona, Elf King Pwyll), and Octavia, Lydia, and Gaius (of the Holy Empire).

The Gaels have to defend against the predations of the Holy Empire, led mainly by Gaius; eventually, they flee the island of Erin (Ireland) for the island of Albion, where they then take refuge in the legendary elf castle of Avalon. All in all, the series does a pretty good job combining Arthurian legend, Welsh/Celtic/Gaelic myth, and Roman history; some characters are greatly changed (so much so that only the names are the same), but I think their main goal was to get the feel of the world.

In between missions (which range from hunting for food to raiding Londinium to facing off against beings of incredible power (hey, it is an RPG, after all)), Aquaplus focuses mainly on character development between Arawn and Arthur, with asides on the madcap hijinks Arawn’s many female followers get into.

Haunting Melody plays over the opening animation for the PS3 version; while the elves aren’t immediately obvious, the Roman and Arthurian influences are blatant.

And the song’s pretty good, too.


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