A Song Given Voice (うたわれるもの)

by wfgodbold

Utawarerumono, the first departure from Aquaplus’s traditional visual novel games, wasn’t all that much of a departure; sure, it had a big strategy component, but in between battles, the visual novel trappings remained.

Which is not to say that the strategy sections were badly done; they were typical SRPG isometric battles, on a grid (much like Final Fantasy Tactics); the main thrust of the game, though, was Hakuoro’s quest to protect the people who cared for him (oh, and to find out why he has a mask stuck on his face and can’t remember anything). This results in first fending off small forces, and eventually culminates with Hakuoro heading an empire.

Since the original Utawarerumono was an adult visual novel (yes, that means what you think it does), this results in several “It’s good to be the king” scenes (because gratuitous sex is the best kind of sex, I guess). The PlayStation 2 release removed those scenes, but added voice acting and changed up the battle system a bit.

The opening to the PC version of the game (it’s SFW, don’t worry), captures the feel of the game universe pretty well, and the tribal motif fits with the setting (since it’s based (however loosely) on Ainu myth).

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