This does nothing for my burgeoning paranoia regarding the government

by wfgodbold

The FBI fought tooth and nail to avoid releasing its files on the late, unlamented Ted Kennedy. Even though none of the material is particularly relevant to situations today, they still didn’t want anyone to know about Kennedy’s contacts with far-left communists or brothel exploits.

Ed Morrissey notes that this is not the first time that Ted was linked with Communists; he contacted the Soviet government to inquire as to what they could do to help him get elected president.

I understand that some things must be kept secret; the Manhattan Project would have been far less useful had regular updates been printed in the papers. That’s a far cry from covering up someone’s deeds that have nothing to do with national security, just to keep them (or their family) from looking even worse than they already do.

If the feds were covering this up (and it’s pretty benign), what else are they covering up, and how much worse could it be? How are we to know what any of our elected officials get up to if anything that might be embarrassing is redacted?

On the other hand, I’m probably overreacting. The federal government has only our best interests at heart; it will take care of us, and my suspicions are completely unfounded.


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