Liberi Fatali

by wfgodbold

Final Fantasy VIII was a mostly forgettable game, rife with plot holes, annoying gimmicks, and pointless mechanics; one thing it did right, though, was the opening movie and its music.

Chanting in dog Latin (I guess? Some of it is fake Latin, whether of the dog variety or not), though; lent the opening an epic feel, and unfortunately meant that once you finished watching the opening animation, the rest of the game was downhill. Everyone has amnesia, and the alternate protagonist (whom we encounter in flashbacks to twenty years or so in the past) was far more interesting than the actual main character. They hand-wave plot holes away without even trying to come up with plausible explanations, and the “love” story in the game is as bad as the tripe George Lucas came up with for Episode II.

Liberi Fatali does deliver the Latin chanting, though. In spades.


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