Privacy? What right to privacy?

by wfgodbold

I guess this is the genetic equivalent to a drunk-driving checkpoint (H/T Linoge)?

The worst part about the ever more egregious privacy invasions the TSA and DHS are advocating is that they don’t even work. If an undercover TSA agent can get through security with a gun (multiple times), then why should we put up with the body scanners

I don’t like this line of reasoning, though; it implies that the main reason I’m against gross invasions of privacy like this is because they’re ineffective. As far as I’m concerned, the right to be secure in my person and effects applies to my DNA, and even if it didn’t, it should fall under the right to privacy implicit in the 9th amendment (and if not there, then surely in some emanations from a penumbra).

Airlines (should they choose to) could stipulate that only DNA checked passengers would be allowed on board; surely other airlines would make a policy not requiring such, and the market would decide. Unfortunately, so much regulation and interference in the airline industry has taken those options away from the carriers (see: smoking on planes, etc).

Proponents of this power grab might claim that we have no right to fly; however, free travel among the several states should still exist. Flying has become commonplace enough (and is the only way to travel in a reasonable amount of time between places far enough apart) that it should fall under the free travel guarantees.

Focusing on the ineffectiveness of a process that infringes on your rights seems like complaining that the rope you’re being hanged with has a noose that’s tied incorrectly; it might not be as effective, but it’s still going to turn out badly.

3 Responses to “Privacy? What right to privacy?”

  1. As someone else accurately said, “Welcome to Gattaca”.

  2. Fortunately, the oligarchy is too incompetent to give us a real dystopia; all we’ll end up with is an ineptopia, run by those genetically inclined towards bureaucracy.

    On second thought, I don’t think that would really be much of an improvement.


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