Take a Flight

by wfgodbold

Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, the PSP rerelease of tri-Ace’s PlayStation title, is set in the world of Norse myth. All the major players are here (though somewhat modified from the original); the player, however, controls Lenneth, one of the valkyries.

She has been awakened and sent to Midgard by Odin to gather einherjar to fill out the ranks of Valhalla’s armies. In order to do this, in each of the eight chapters in the game, you can meditate; this will allow Lenneth to locate souls that are near death (and also dungeons). Going to the locations indicated on the map will result in a cutscene showing the circumstances leading towards a character’s death; once they’ve died, Lenneth claims their soul (when the PSX edition came out, I compared it to Pokemon, but with human souls instead of cute animals).

Once she’s collected souls, Lenneth and her party of einherjar can go to dungeons to kill monsters, demons, and the undead (another part of her mission), and in the process, obtain artifacts, equipment, and learn various things about the world. Once the einherjar have leveled up enough (and in some cases, learned the specific skills required by Odin), they can be sent to Valhalla to join in the Aesir war effort (this permanently removes them from the player’s party).

Various acts will affect the possible outcomes; to get the best (and by best, I mean most complete, story-wise) ending requires careful manipulation (and foreknowledge; it’s pretty much impossible to luck into it on your first play-through if you don’t already know how to do it), but the true ending is worth it.

In a world where most games are rife with CG (I admit, the PSP remake does feature CG for FMV cutscenes where the PSX original did not), a side-scrolling sprite-based RPG makes for a nice change of pace (especially when the sprites are done so well). The revamped CG can be seen below in the opening movie.


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