Armed Blockade Stream (非常線抜刀ストリーム)

by wfgodbold

The third (and final, so far) Valkyrie Profile game, Covenant of the Plume, breaks from the gameplay established in the first two games; instead of a traditional JRPG, it’s more of a SRPG like Disgaea or Final Fantasy Tactics. It retains the Valkyrie Profile combo system; however, you must maneuver your party members to squares adjacent to the enemy location to combo their attacks and unleash finishing moves.

The game system isn’t the only place where the DS game breaks from its forbears; instead of following one of the Valkyries, the main character, Wylfred, is a normal human whose father has been selected by one of the valkyries as an einherjar. This enrages him, and he swears vengeance. He eventually is granted a feather shed from the valkyrie’s wings, and using it, he can empower one of his companions beyond the bounds of mortal capacity.

Once so empowered, that character becomes a force of nature for the rest of the battle; unfortunately, they will die once the power has run its course. Instead of sending warriors off to Valhalla (like in Lenneth) or sending them off to be reincarnated (like in Silmeria), Wylfred dooms his companions to death in exchange for a burst of berserker strength. In exchange, Wylfred learns an ability with each use that he retains for the rest of the game.

Will Wylfred avenge his father? Or will he come to regret the deal he made with Hel, mistress of the underworld (gee, I wonder…)?


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