If Fate/stay night and Tsukihime weren’t such good money-makers

by wfgodbold

Type-Moon would be in dire financial straits; they’ve delayed Mahoutsukai no Yoru yet again. The projected release date is now “during 2011” instead of “Winter 2011” like it was the last time they changed it. Originally, the game was scheduled for release last September.

The last game Type Moon released was Fate/stay night Realta Nua (in April of ’07), the PS2 port of the PC game; before that, they released Fate/hollow ataraxia (in October of ’05). In the meantime, they’ve been working on Mahoutsukai no Yoru, Girl’s Work, and an updated version of Tsukihime; I imagine all of their revenue in the meantime has come from the various anime/manga/novelizations of their other work (and lest we forget, the Melty Blood fighting games).

While I like that Type Moon doesn’t have to worry about money while they work on making the best game they can, at some point you have to call it quits and ship your product. If they didn’t have the money, then these announced (but uncompleted) games would have all gone the way of Duke Nukem Forever (perhaps a bad analogy, since it’s been resurrected).

Update: For more info on Mahoyo, check out SiliconEra’s write-up from last July.

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