The Illusionary World of Serpentina (幻の大地 セルペンティナ)

by wfgodbold

Zwei!! is yet another action RPG from the always popular (in Japan, at least) Nihon Falcom; as you might guess from the title, the game has two protagonists (one that does physical damage, and one that does magic damage).

I haven’t played it (making this the first game I’ve selected a track from without playing, at least in part), but from what I understand of the mechanics, it’s a precursor to the character switching system later used in Ys Seven; you can switch between characters on the fly, depending on the monsters you’re fighting.

Like pretty much all Falcom games, you can count on Zwei!! having quality music; instead of the rock motif the Ys games are associated with, this track has some Spanish-style guitar.


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