Rango: a paean to the halcyon Westerns of yesteryear

by wfgodbold

I mostly just wanted to use the words “paean” and “halycon,” but that doesn’t make Rango any less of a Western triumph; even if all the characters are anthropomorphic animals, they play their parts to the hilt.

Rango is the story of a chameleon who finds himself suddenly in the desert; after making his way to the lone town, he manages to talk himself into ever more precarious situations. Somehow he keeps it all from falling apart while he tries to find out what’s behind the town’s water shortage; along the way, we’re treated to a great movie; engaging characters (even if they are ugly cute), great music (blaring trumpets and all, just like Ennio Morricone would have used), and, most importantly, a good story.

I haven’t seen a Western done this well since, uh, True Grit. Which makes it what, a month? Two?

If you’re inclined to pass because of the computer animation or the animals, you’re going to miss out on a great movie.


2 Comments to “Rango: a paean to the halcyon Westerns of yesteryear”

  1. I love cold-blooded heroes!

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