Rand Paul is sounding sane again

by wfgodbold

I’m sure it just means the planets are temporarily aligned; like his old man, he’ll eventually say or do something to make me wonder why I ever though listening to him was a good idea.

From the National Review, Rand Paul says:

I recently proposed $500 billion in cuts and when I went home and spoke to the people of my state, spoke to those from the Tea Party, they said, $500 billion is not enough and they’re right,” Paul continued. “$500 billion is a third of one year’s problem. Up here that’s way too bold, but it’s not even enough. But we have to counterbalance and understand the alternatives here. If we do nothing, all of the programs that people are so fond of [extolling] will be gone. So I implore the American public and those here to look at this problem and say to Congress, we’re not doing enough; you must cut more.

This is on the heels of the GOP budget’s 44-56 defeat. The Democrats’ budget fared even worse; it was defeated 42-58.

Allahpundit points out that if they keep having to allocate budget spending two weeks at a time, the GOP will nickle and dime reductions; one more $4 billion reduction would result in more cuts than the Democrats’ plan had for the entire year.

No one can agree on where to start cutting; you’d think they could start with dealing with the redundancy. The Government Accountability Office estimates that overlaps cost ~$58 billion each year. I doubt that includes money spent by the left hand promoting something and money spent by the right hand advocating against that same thing; after all, cheese is good for you, except when it’s not.

I don’t know how to resolve our budget problems; even if I did, no one would listen to me. Economists and other “experts” can be found on both sides of the debate, arguing that their opinion is right. I do know that we can’t borrow forever; eventually something will give, and it won’t just be our country that ends up paying for it.


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