Democracy? You keep using that word…

by wfgodbold

I do not think it means what you think it means. Death threats? Seriously?

If the government does something you don’t approve of, you campaign and make your case in the next election. Whatever your opinion of the tea party or the GOP; whether you think they’re right or horribly misguided and leading the country down the road to perdition; when the federal government acted against their wishes in between the ’08 and ’10 elections, they protested, made their case, and prevailed at the ballot box. That is how democracy works.

And now they are exercising the power they convinced the electorate to give them, in ways that they told the electorate they would exercise it, and the left is freaking out.

“I won,” as the man said. Obamacare opponents were free to compromise with the president, Pelosi, and Reid; using the standard Democrat definition of compromise, of course (the democrats get everything they want, and the republicans get nothing; see LawDog’s Gun Rights cake analogy).

Instead of charging the Capitol building in a mob, and breaking in and trying to prevent Democrats from even getting to the chambers, or living in the Capitol for weeks, the tea partiers protested, then went back about their business.

They didn’t try to break in the car windows of politicians they disagreed with.

Scott Walker’s changes aren’t the end of the world; even if the union bosses think they’re the writing on the wall.

The barbarians are at the gates; they’re already in and are trying to do as much damage as they can before everything comes crashing down around them.


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