Demon’s Souls

by wfgodbold

Demon’s Souls hearkens back to the days when men were men, women were women, and video games were crushingly difficult and unforgiving.

If you buy this PlayStation 3 action-RPG, you’re in for quite a beating; you’re going to die, and you’re going to die frequently. Fortunately, dying is all part of the game; once you’ve died, you come back as a soul, and will reincarnate upon either vanquishing the end boss of a level, getting summoned to another player’s game to help *them* vanquish a demon, invading another player’s game and killing them, or using a consumable item to regain your body (how boring!). While in soul form, you will only have half the max HP as you would alive; you do, however, deal more damage whilst a soul.

While taking your character through the game to vanquish the many demons, collect their souls, and rid the kingdom of the demon-spawning fog that enshrouds it, you will die. You will die frequently, and you will resign yourself to it.

The game is hard. It is incredibly hard. And yet, while all the reviewers and players talk about how hard it is, they aren’t complaining.

Demon’s Souls might be a bitch of a game, but it’s fair; if you die (and you will, as I’ve mentioned), you have only yourself to blame. You attacked when you should have blocked, tried to parry when you should have blocked, fought a group of monsters when you should have run away and healed, or tried to go toe-to-toe with a demon the size of a castle instead of sniping at it with magic and a crossbow. The more you die, the less frequently you will die; until finally you get overconfident and die again.

The eponymous track plays during the game’s introduction, and sets the tone for the dark adventure ahead.


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