The Dream Will Not End ~Overflowing Time~ (夢は終わらない~零れ落ちる時の雫~)

by wfgodbold

Tales of Phantasia was the first game in the Tales of series; when published on the SNES, it used the largest cartridge available at the time, and so was able to feature a vocal opening song and even some voice acting.

After several creative differences with Namco over changes and edits, the main team behind the game left and started their own company: tri-Ace (the Star Ocean games are essentially Tales of games in space, right down to the battle system similarities). The team members that remained with Namco formed that company’s Tales Studio, and continue to expand the Tales of series today.

Tales of Phantasia follows the story of Cress and his quest for vengeance on the man who murdered his family (and entire village); this quest will take him to the past, and then to the future (though the time-travelling is part of the plot, not something you can do at will like in Chrono Trigger).

Tales of Phantasia has been rereleased many times, on many systems; the opening movie below is animation added for the PlayStation release.

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