Anti-gunners are not “gun safety advocates”

by wfgodbold

While for the most part President Obama’s editorial in the Arizona Daily Star was neutral (mostly advocating enforcing/streamlining the laws we already have), one statement struck me as particularly disingenuous.

The fact is, almost all gun owners in America are highly responsible. They’re our friends and neighbors. They buy their guns legally and use them safely, whether for hunting or target shooting, collection or protection. And that’s something that gun-safety advocates need to accept. Likewise, advocates for gun owners should accept the awful reality that gun violence affects Americans everywhere, whether on the streets of Chicago or at a supermarket in Tucson. [emphasis added]

Gun control advocates are not in favor of gun safety; they are vehemently opposed to the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program, a successful safety program that teaches children that when they find a gun, they should not touch it, they should leave the room, and they should tell an adult.

If anti-gun activists were really in favor of gun safety, they would be in favor of teaching children what to do should they find a gun; instead, they seem to be against teaching basic safety because of their hoplophobia and knee-jerk hatred of the NRA.


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