Flowers dancing in the capital (花、帝都に舞う)

by wfgodbold

Sakura Wars 4: Madiens, Fall in Love brings the Tokyo and Paris focus of the Sakura Wars games to a close; this is the final game with Ichiro Ohgami as the player character.

Instead of having ten or twelve chapters, Sakura Wars 4 is only four or five chapters long; it attempts to make up for this by increases the number of endings attainable (to 13, from 6 (ST1), 8 (ST 2), and 5 (ST 3)). Unfortunately, the only reason to replay the game that many times is to see the ending for each of the girls; the main plot in the game doesn’t change.

This left a bitter taste in my mouth, especially after how much better the other games were. While it was nice to see the storyline brought to a conclusion, with General Yoneda’s retirement and the installment of Ohgami as commander of the Imperial Assault Force (he had previously only been the squad leader), I expected a more substantial game for his last hurrah.

That doesn’t make the music any less enjoyable; the opening to the game is a combination of the Sakura Wars 1/2 openings with the Sakura Wars 3 opening, only sung by Ohgami instead of Sakura or Erica. I’ve chosen to spare you that (even though the animation is nice), and have picked a background music track from the game itself, instead of the opening theme.


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