Earthbound Warriors (Title background version) (地上の戦士(タイトルバックバージョン))

by wfgodbold

Sakura Wars V: So Long, My Love is the most recent main game in the Sakura Wars franchise, and was the first to be originally developed and released on the PlayStation 2 (it was also ported to the Wii). This game was also the first game in the series to be localized for release in the United States; most likely because the game itself is set in New York City.

The game opens with Shinjiro Taiga, a new graduate of the Imperial Naval Academy, reporting to the theater in Ginza (in a scene that mirrors Ohgami’s transfer to the Imperial Assault Force in the first game), where he meets Ohgami, the commander of the force (and his uncle).

Ohgami informs Taiga that he is being sent to study abroad in the US, and the inexperienced young man is sent to join the New York Defense Force, based out of the fictional Little Lip Theater on Broadway. Like his uncle, Taiga’s cover identity is as the ticket puncher.

The New York Defense Force is just starting out, and so throughout the game, the roster will fill out with new recruits until all six members have joined. Along the way, the characters pilot their Star model mecha against the evil forces of Nobunaga Oda, Japan’s all-time favorite villain.

The following track is an instrumental rendition of the game’s main theme, and plays while the title screen is displayed.


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