Sundry earthquake and tsunami tidbits

by wfgodbold

Shikidouji, the illustrator and character designer best known for action/comedy/mecha series Full Metal Panic! has put three new illustrations up on her blog. All three are just about the right size to be used as cellphone wallpaper.

Sousuke Sagara, Tessa, and Kaname Chidori, doing their best to keep you in good spirits!

Siliconera is running a raffle; the winner gets an autographed Final Fantasy Dissidia figure (and other swag). Tickets are $5 each, and are available until the end of March. So far they’ve raised more than $2300 for the Red Cross and their relief efforts in Japan.

The Anime News Network has assembled a list of organizations taking donations for relief.

Jonah Goldberg’s thoughts on nuclear hysteria.

Even the Japanese emperor has addressed his people; I believe the last imperial address was on the occasion of their surrender in WWII (but I could be wrong).

And the World’s Only Rational Man continues to inform regarding the ongoing nuclear reactor situation.

Update: Kotaku is having a fundraiser in Denver on March 24th. Ten bucks to get in, and you get a raffle ticket and can play various games, drink some booze, and help out earthquake/tsunami victims all at the same time! If I were in the area, I’d go, but alas…

Update Mark II: 5pb games has discounted iOS Memories Off 6: T-Wave to ¥350 ($2.99 in the US app store) until March 31st, and is donating the proceeds to the Japanese Red Cross. If you can’t read Japanese, there’s not much point in buying it, though.


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